Perry Marino

Founder, Limitless Astrology Scorpio Sun, Gemini Moon, Gemini Rising 

Hi there! I’m Perry, the founder of Limitless Astrology. My awareness around astrology began to increase around 10 years ago and, before long, the coincidences became far too profound to ignore.

Since then my astrological journey and fascination has continued to evolve. I began diving deep into the exploration of the cosmos, consuming all information I could get my hands on (which continues to this day).

As a world-traveling DJ, yoga teacher, and entrepreneur, I've found astrology to be one of my most loyal allies, greatest teachers, biggest passions, and largest source of inspiration.

With my background in website design, digital marketing, and astrology coupled with my access to world-class astrology software, I feel it is my duty to make this profound celestial wisdom available for those who feel called to dive deeper into their astrological blueprint.

I am currently living on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala where I conduct one-on-one astrology readings, offer massage and teach yoga at while also facilitating ecstatic dance and conscious music events.

Don't hesitate to email me with any questions regarding the website or simply to say hello! You can also connect with me on Facebook and Instagram.

Dynea Miller

Astrologer & Content Contributor Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon, Capricorn Rising 

Dynaea is a self-taught astrologer that has been deeply immersed in the study of The Cosmos for over seven years. She combines her vast knowledge of mythology and psychology to express the language of astrology in a way that is grounded and accessible for all audiences. Delving into the cosmic depths of ancient wisdom and blending it with the Tropical Zodiac System, astrology has furthered her understanding of developmental psychology and the intrinsic nature of how we express ourselves in this lifetime.  

Dynaea’s astrological chart gives her an innate ability to uncover and illuminate the subconscious and conscious influences that each of the planetary bodies and constellations they reside in have over your emotional, physical and mental programming. This helps us to articulate the way in which these characteristics are expressed and experienced by ourselves and others. The pressure of Western societal expectations can be extraordinarily repressive for the creative nature that the soul wishes to express. Using the Tropical Zodiac and/or Sidereal System, Dynaea can grasp the essence of your authentic biopsychosocial and karmic patterning that is the key to removing the weight of these expectations and allowing you to access your potential and find comfort in that which you already are.

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Allison Graham

Astrologer & Content Contributor Capricorn Sun, Gemini Moon, Leo Rising 

Allison holds a deep interest in the human condition, embodiment practices, psychology, and how to collectively optimize our existence and experience. A culmination of life lessons, self-examination, and her endlessly expanding curiosity led her to be immersed in a lifestyle of yoga philosophy and movement.  

The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation which occurred from the commitment to her asana practice helped unveil her dream of expanding abroad and connecting, sharing and guiding like-minded humans. Allison continually studies to expand her knowledge in astrology, yoga and energy work as healing modalities. She holds space for transformational coaching; combining astrology, psychology, and Tarot guidance to provide practical applications to spiritual exploration.  

A student of life, Allison explores the crossroads of ancient wisdom and modern knowledge to understand why we are here and how we can live in harmony with ourselves, each other and the Earth..

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