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Planets, Aspects & Reading Your Birth Chart

The science of astrology encompasses the zodiac, the planets and major celestial bodies, and the aspects or angles that they mathematically make to each other. The degrees of separation of the planets in the horoscope chart gives us clues about where you may face challenges or where energy flows freely and beneficially. Understanding aspects can deepen the significance of your natal chart and broaden your understanding of the influences of astrology in your life.

To give you a backdrop for understanding aspects and transits or movements of planets we envision the planets as actors in a movie taking on different roles. These actors (planets) take on roles (aspects) together and the type of roles (aspects) these actors (planets) take on will determine if the movie is a comedy or action or romance film.

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In general, when two planets are an even number of signs apart it represents a soft or easy relation. If two planets are an odd number of signs apart the aspect is known as hard or potentially challenging. Aspects can be made between two or more are the basics:

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Conjunct: When two planets are in the same sign and hold 0 degrees of separation the two mix their energies together. The blending of these two planets sitting on top of eachother magnifies the importance of the sign and the house the conjunct planets sit in. Depending on the type of energy the planets carry will determine if this aspect creates harmony or chaos.  

If there are three planets sitting on top of eachother (conjunct) in the same sign or house this aspect is known as a stellium. Stelliums create an intensity around certain qualities, characteristics and themes in your life. Stelliums are rare and hold the potential to outshine your Sun sign personality.  

Sextile: A sextile is a relatively harmonious angle, where planets sit 60 degrees or two signs apart. This aspect is harmonious because there is a play on opposite elements. An Earth element sign will play with a water element sign and an air element sign will play with a fire element sign in this particular aspect. The elements that coincide here are thought to create a sense of ease and a foundation for creation, innovation and transformation.

Square: A square is a hard 90 degree angle that creates conflict or strife between two planets. The planets in this aspect sit three signs apart. A square is a place in your chart where you will have to work a little harder to resolve a power struggle between the planets. This is where your thoughts and emotions may contradict one another or there may be feelings of push and pull.

Trine: A trine is a 180 degree angle which is created by the signs falling four signs apart from each other. A trine is formed with signs of the same elements, amplifying the qualities of that element (water, earth, air, fire) and creating harmony with similar energy and goals. This is commonly known for being a low tension, beneficial aspect that can bring luck and ease or a boost of elemental magic.

Opposition: An opposition is when two planets appear directly across from each other. Aspecting at 180 degrees and six signs apart on the wheel this creates potential for balance through polarity and mirroring. This aspect creates a dynamic source of tension that teaches us how to compromise, how to listen, and how to find balance through these lessons.

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