Introduction to the Relationship Astrology of Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

*Please note, reports are generated in second person.

The composite chart represents the fusion of energy that two people create when they come together. It is a third being. Like a child, it inherits qualities of both parents, though it has a life all its own and exists independently of either of them. The following interpretations should be regarded as being for the relationship itself, taken as an independent entity, as this relates to the meaning for each individual within it.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Composite Astrological Aspects Kim: Oct 21, 1980, 10:46:00 PDT Los Angeles, CA (34N03, 118W15) Kanye: Jun 8, 1977, 8:45:00 EDT Atlanta, GA (33N45, 84W23)

Chart Patterns

Composite Sun in Leo (23° Leo 02' 32") Composite Sun in the Eleventh House  

The Sole Dispositor helps form your core personality, it ultimately rules all the other planets of your chart:  

The placement of the composite Sun defines the core identity of your relationship, and the place where it finds its greatest vitality. It gives you a sense of the predominant flavor of the relationship.  

With the Composite Sun in Aquarius, this relationship centers on eccentric interests, progressive thinking and innovative breakthrough. Through this relationship each of you is likely to display a rebellious nature, with a focus on spontaneous and original behavior. Aquarius is forward thinking and detached, and together, you two are likely to work in ways that are somewhat ahead of your time. Thinking is your preferred mode of activity. Your partnership is likely to give rise to the scientific and logical, and exude a confidence in manner. In a romantic pairing, you may find you maintain your focus on the value of society rather than on each other personally, and must set your intention to nurture affection and love between you. Regardless of your individual predilection, through the agency of this relationship you two may also find that you enjoy focusing on your individual or shared work more than personal goals, which makes this a great placement for colleagues and co-conspirators. This relationship brings out the intuition, imagination and inventiveness of each of you, but your relationship will find its strongest center in the advancement of social and humanitarian ideals. You can leave a better world than you find, when you work together as a partnership toward your particular ingenious strategy for taking social responsibility.  

With Composite Sun in Leo, this relationship centers on its abundance of fun-loving, expansive, and creative energy. Unless there are challenging aspects elsewhere in the chart, yours is likely the sunniest relationship in the whole zodiac. You two exude a sun-like warmth between you and around you. Regardless of your individual temperaments, this relationship tends to bring out dramatic, creative, and assertive energies in both of you. You may find that there is a natural spark between you as well as a high degree of shared courage and honesty, and that when you are together you radiate self-confidence. In a romantic relationship, the creative spark between you indicates a high degree of romance and affection as well as sexual attraction. You may need to take time out to rest every once in a while. You also may find that your relationship dynamics quite naturally become the center of attention of a larger group. Together, you can be quite determined and have a knack for manifesting the things that you want. This relationship will tend to increase the level of integrity of all those who come into contact with it, and in that regard your joint leadership abilities are strengthened. Your challenge is to take the big energy that is created around the two of you and offer it back to the world with humility and compassion, and to share the natural affection that arises between you with the people around you as well.

T-Square, focal planet Uranus  

You have a T-Square in your chart. With this planetary aspect pattern, in which three planets or conjunctions are in square with one another, you have a high degree of motivation and drive. Your energies are most easily and habitually expressed by the energy of the focal point, the middle of the T-Square. You may also compensate for overdoing in the area of life represented by the focal point, by leaning toward the empty pattern element opposite the focal point, seeking to balance your activity. The lesson of this planetary aspect pattern is in learning to use your considerable energy wisely in the pursuit of your true goals. There is great tension represented by the focal planet or planets in your chart, where conflicting parts of your personality attain their focus and peak of energy, and you may observe compulsive behavior in the area of life represented here.  

Uranus in the composite chart reveals the area of your shared experience where you will encounter unusual and unexpected circumstances and where the relationship benefits from lack of structure.  

Uranus in the Second House (or sign) symbolizes a relationship with an eclectic focus on shared security and material possessions. You are likely to be concerned about maintaining stability in what is almost guaranteed to be a changing environment. You may have shared possessions or finances that you value at one point, but this can change rather suddenly, and you may have to start over from scratch. In a romantic context, your shared income can also fluctuate. As a result of all this flux, you may find it easier to simply create your own set of values, or to experiment with alternative lifestyles. If yours is a working partnership, you are likely to value your autonomy and you may be motivated to start your own business together. You two benefit from getting in touch with what you truly value, as opposed to what conventionality dictates. Then your efforts will allow new resources, both material and spiritual, to evolve in your life and consciousness, adding to the greater good of society.  

Composite Uranus in Scorpio (or the eighth house) symbolizes a relationship that is willful with an eclectic sense of shared values and an unusual emotional connection. There is likely to be an undercurrent of feelings between you, which may in fact uncover each partner's secret depths. Shared finances are also apt to fluctuate. Your relationship also has the potential for dramatic eruptions under stress, whether physical, financial or emotional. In a romantic relationship the emotional stress that you feel from time to time may be part of the charm of the connection. Sexual passion may have a fitful quality to it, with great intensity at times, and also times when you need to take space from each other. You may also feel that you are psychically linked, and be able to tune in on each other's feelings from a distance. You may also experience joint loss through the sudden departure or unexpected death of a loved one. If so, such a trial may serve an underlying purpose in your shared life and go a long way to deepen intimacy and understanding between you. As a partnership, you share a keen intuition and great power to transform yourselves and your relationship as you evolve. You also may share an unconventional fascination with sexuality, or issues of death and rebirth. Your relationship exists in part to enable each of you to discover new dimensions of your individual emotional experience.

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Important Features

Composite Moon in Pisces (22° Pis 17' 38") Composite Moon in the Sixth House  

The placement of the composite Moon defines the core emotional focus of your relationship. It indicates the most sensitive area between you.  

The composite Moon in Virgo symbolizes a relationship that tends to provide a practical grounded quality in order to meet a need for emotional security. Your relationship has a bent toward being hardworking and well organized. This placement bodes well for professional relationships as well as personal ones, because you are emotionally well equipped to attend to the details. In a romantic relationship, although the two of you may come off as somewhat reserved, or perhaps overly fastidious and analytical, you thrive on working in service to others, and you are likely to be well regarded because of it. One partner may feel the burden of domestic chores more than the other, and you can avoid the building up of resentment by taking turns. You profit when you make yourselves as aware as possible of attempting to change each other and those around you for the better, and when you remember that the easier you are on yourselves, and the more you take time out to enjoy life, the healthier and more vibrant you will remain in relationship to each other.  

The composite Moon in Pisces symbolizes a relationship that needs a great deal of sensitivity and compassion to provide a sense of emotional security. Your relationship tends to exhibit a sweet and gentle nature. It brings out a visionary and poetic sentiment, and you two generally are very attuned to spiritual values. You tend to be compassionate and empathetic, and even psychic, with each other and as a partnership with those around you. In a romantic context, your relationship finds itself quite at home in the realms of dreams, fantasies, and visioning. In spite of your individual approaches to life, together you tend to react to the cruelties and unkindness of the world through sensitivity, withdrawal and perhaps escape. It is very important that as you merge together, you share your feelings honestly with each other, thereby remaining true to yourselves, and to the process of getting in touch with your inner worlds. As a partnership, you have great sympathy for the downtrodden and disadvantaged. You may experience some suffering together, through your emotions, especially if your needs are not being met. You also have a mutual tendency to be easily swayed by others. At your best, you two bring spiritual understanding and the gift of your sympathy to your fellow-beings.

Composite Venus in Cancer (10° Can 49') Composite Venus in the Tenth House  

The placement of Venus in the composite chart reveals the area of your shared emotional focus and love and where mutual enjoyment and benefit lies.  

Venus in the Tenth House (or sign) indicates a relationship with admiration between you, and a strongly artistic orientation. You have a great deal of affection for each other and each of you may look up to the other in some way, or you may admire your partner for their ability to control a given situation. There could be a sense of status that is gained in association with this relationship. In a romantic context, there is lots of love between you, which you let everyone see. You enjoy looking good together in public. You are likely to have a reputation as a very loving and affectionate couple, because you do not hide your light in this regard, although you seldom take emotional risks with each other. You may in fact want to become aware of the extent that the opinions of others influence you in your decision-making. As a partnership you may find that matters of prestige, authority or career matter a great deal, and may be the very qualities in each other that have brought you together. You function well as an artist team and may have some sort of artistic production as a goal such as painting, music or dance. In any case, your love of beauty sustains you, in the arts and also in terms of your surroundings.  

With composite Venus in Cancer (or the fourth house) there is a solid basis of security and stability between you. You fundamentally trust each other, and that is a great blessing for any type of partnership. In a romantic relationship, this placement symbolizes a deeply felt connection between you regarding values and aesthetics and the roots of your being, psychological or environmental, as in home and family. You are fond of children and the life of the home. You are likely to be gentle, receptive and charming with each other, and you undoubtedly have an aesthetically pleasing home. Together you make a very devoted and loyal couple, sharing your sensitive and caring nature with others. As a partnership, you may be able to earn money based on your living space, either working there or being advisors for decor and interior design. You value kindness and trust between people, and naturally create a calm and beneficial environment as you work and share together.

Composite Neptune in Sagittarius (17° Sag 38') Composite Neptune in the Third House  

Neptune in the composite chart reveals the area of your shared experience where you will encounter idealization and nebulous spiritual feelings that will lead you to self-discovery.  

Neptune in the Third House (or sign) brings out a clever and subtle charm in your communication with each other, with also the possibility of misunderstandings between you. This placement can bring indecision to your communication process with each other, and an idealism of the latent potential for connection between you that does not always find its realization. There may be misapplied models of understanding that cause some degree of deception in the information that you receive from each other, either intentionally or due to unconscious behavior on the part of one or both of you. On the up side, your broad-mindedness and creative mentality together may make up for the potential difficulties. In a romantic relationship, you two tend to be witty and poetic together, with a love of dreaming that ranks just above your love of learning. There is a possibility that verbal interaction may lead to some confusion, no matter how hard you work to clearly express yourselves. You benefit from developing your capacity to communicate together non-verbally, through touch or dance. If you take the time to focus your joint creative potential you might find yourselves channeling mystical wisdom that comes from beyond and serves you better than the mundane information that is routinely available.  

Composite Neptune in Sagittarius (or the ninth house) brings an impressionable, idealistic and highly intuitive quality to your relationship. As a partnership, you two are likely to be inclined to the mystical, and high minded, perhaps seeing life in terms of the poetic rather than the practical. You have a natural bent for philosophical discourse or perhaps teaching together, but you may need to guard against over-idealization. You are likely to share a belief in the unknown, and to have a great desire to explore, travel and experiment with new ways of doing things. In close interpersonal relationship, you can always enjoy the extra romantic edge that comes along with your shared adventuring. Together you may have an urge to get away from it all on a regular basis, and may be attracted to spiritual studies, or psychedelics and the like to achieve transcendent states. You benefit when you are careful not to get too carried away with your ideas, and when you find ways to ground your flights of fancy into concrete realities.

Composite Saturn in Virgo (8° Vir 15') Composite Saturn in the Twelfth House  

Saturn in the composite chart reveals the area of your shared experience where you will encounter limitations and build long-lasting success through trials of accomplishment.  

Saturn in the Twelfth House (or sign) makes for an odd match, bringing a blockage or a concentration of energy to a power that is as vast and diffuse as the ocean itself. There may be a strong sense of hidden emotional currents between you that will bear further exploration in order to bring them to more conscious awareness. You also may find that you possess a joint focus on the mystical side of life. In a romantic relationship, you may trigger in each other, or help elucidate in each other, the feeling that life is too hard, or that it is beyond your conscious control. You two can be moody and introspective together, or simultaneously compassionate and sympathetic to each other's problems, and to the problems of those who cross your path. In the context of this relationship, you possess in concentrated form the urge for spiritual evolution that is present in all of us, and which requires detachment from the personal self in the quest for mystic union with all mankind. You seek stability in unusual ways with this placement, through the mastery of detaching from a need to rely on convention. You might to watch for a shared tendency to lapse into resignation or conversely, to try too hard to achieve control. Your true path of your partnership lies in a journey toward mystical transcendence rather than in the more mundane life of worldly events.  

Composite Saturn in Virgo (or the sixth house) brings a deepening and concentration to your mental powers with each other and to the discriminative faculties of your relationship. You do not shrink from working hard together, and you inspire each other to put extra effort into completing a task you have set for yourselves. It may feel natural for one of you to work in a subordinate capacity. There also may be subconscious fears regarding self-worth that spur you on, and that may come up for healing between you. This is a great placement for a business partnership, or any relationship where hard work is required and long-term effort carefully applied. You both learn, over time, the importance of attending to each detail regarding your shared projects as well as to your shared emotional life. In a romantic connection, you two are good at handling minutiae together; but you may have to become aware of not getting lost in the inconsequential. You also may need to remember to let up on that discerning eye when it comes to paying attention to each other's heart . There also may be strong focus on health issues in your partnership. Together, you are seriousminded and make an excellent working team, whether for personal matters or in contributing something to the larger world.

Composite Mercury in Leo (23° Leo 03') Composite Mercury in the Eleventh House  

Mercury in the composite chart reveals the quality of the communication process in your relationship, and an area of your shared experience where intellectual compatibility is to be found.  

Composite Mercury in Aquarius brings a balanced and socially oriented mentality out in this relationship, one that is insightful, analytical and detached. You two tend toward an inquisitive and scientific orientation, with excellent joint powers of logic and reason. Your communication is idealistic in its nature, yet remains also well-grounded in reality. Together, you two are a good judge of character and likely work well with groups. You have a shared aesthetic appreciation of the things in this world that often depends on their utility and ultimate purpose. As a partnership you also have the capacity to multitask, handling many tracks of thinking at once until they all finally come together in a manifest whole. Whether your relationship is personal or professional, it has a strong social motivation, and strives in its communication and contact with others to advance the cause of humanitarian ideals.  

Composite Mercury in Leo brings a dignified and refined mentality to your relationship. You are proud of your ideas, and very good at expressing them to each other and to others as well. As a pairing, you are likely to be entertaining conversationalists with good senses of humor. You may also be opinionated at times, with a shared tendency to paint optimistic pictures with your words. You may want to convince each other and those around you of your own point of view, but not be very willing to look at other perspectives. You benefit from cultivating greater powers of attention and perception, and opening your consciousness to each other and to the world around you.

Composite Mars in Aquarius (19° Aqu 18') Composite Mars in the Fifth House  

The placement of Mars in the composite chart reveals the area of your shared activity in pursuit of partnership goals, and where ego needs may be identified.  

Mars in the Fifth House (or sign) brings an energetic and passionate drive to your relationship. You two are likely to be physically active, especially around each other. As a partnership, you may move in a dramatic, ambitious and proud way. You will also likely enjoy recreational activity together. You each have tremendous vitality and courage in the context of this relationship , especially when it comes to the realization of your romantic dreams. It is important that you find a physical outlet for all the energy you bring out in each other, and you thrive in a romantic context on the powerful sexual connection that you likely share. To each other you possess an innate charm and animal magnetism that is central to the way that you connect . As a partnership you well know how to put your best foot forward, and how to bring others along with you toward your goals. You benefit when you can tap into the innate leadership that accompanies this placement, and practice effective delegating, between you or with others.  

Composite Mars in Aquarius (or the eleventh house) brings out an idealistic, socially oriented and multidimensional drive in your relationship. This placement can take out the rough edges that each of you may individually harbor and bring you together in a way that benefits both the partnership and the greater world that surrounds you. You two tend to co-create in an enterprising and ambitious way and make classic teammates working together toward socially life-enhancing goals. In a romantic relationship, you may need to become aware of the way you direct your shared activity, giving priority time to your personal issues as well as planetary goals, so that your partnership rests on a sturdy foundation. You are likely to be friends as well as lovers, which enhances your bond with each other although it may dim your passion. Together you easily tolerate each other's differences and support each other's goals so that in the best of your connection with each other, you move to the clear beat of the same drummer.

Composite Pluto in Libra (16° Lib 42') Composite Pluto in the First House  

Pluto in the composite chart reveals the area of your shared experience where you will encounter your mutual drive for power and which will be transformative for the relationship.  

Pluto in the First House (or sign) indicates a relationship with a tremendous drive for self-transformation, and a mutual desire to begin new cycles of evolutionary development together. As a partnership you may seem to possess an instinctual desire to explore all kinds of new directions, and you are likely to experience a strong sense of shared adventure along the way. You may also experience an intensity of connection between you that can lead you deeper into yourselves as you sort things out, and that could also be expressed as a form of struggle for ascendancy, either over your shared environment or over each other. In a romantic involvement, it may help to recognize that the genesis of such competition lies in each of you individually, and you each win when you are able to step back from the arm wrestling and pay attention to what's going on inside yourself. It can also help to pay attention to where the other person is coming from. When you learn how to really listen to each other you can head off the power struggles that can devastate your partnership and others around you. New directions for the relationship can be created with each of you working with rather than against each other. As the will of each of you becomes the will of both, synergistic co-creation can occur. And as you dedicate yourselves and your journey to higher ideals, you have the potential to become a channel for healing yourself and society around you as well.  

Composite Pluto in Libra (or the seventh house) gives your relationship an intense focus on satisfying your individual needs and desires by pairing up with each other. There may be an almost fated sense of connection between you; that you have come together for some powerful reason. In this relationship, you have a calling to learn all about the nature of your partner's needs and expectations, and there may also be power issues to contend with as one or the other unconsciously tries to dominate. As you sort things out with each other, you will transform yourselves around the issues of balance and control. In a romantic relationship, this transformation toward balance may at first manifest as an unconscious acting out of traditional roles. As you begin to resist playing out old patterns with your partner, a powerful love/hate response may arise in either one of you. Getting to the point where your will becomes harmonized with your partner takes time, but eventually the two of you will develop the ability to at least partially begin to "act as one," as power struggles give way to shared love and mutual respect. Gaining the courage to begin to confront these patterns becomes the challenge. You benefit when you allow time for shared reflection when your needs are not being met. A great deal of self-knowledge will be generated through your discussions around the issues of power sharing versus unilateral control once you can learn to really hear each other.

Composite Chiron in Taurus (10° Tau 25') Composite Chiron in the Eighth House  

Chiron in the composite chart reveals the area of your shared experience where you will encounter patterns of wounds and deep connection and where eventual healing and empathy will occur.  

Chiron in the Eighth House (or sign) indicates a relationship that provides an opportunity for you both to face and heal deeply held wounds regarding your vital force to transform and regenerate. This relationship may bring out a strong compulsion for intimate connection with other people that does not easily find its realization. You are likely to encounter places where have been wounded in your sexuality, possibility through early experiences that include physical or emotional abuse. As a consequence, being close to other people becomes both desired and painful. You may hold off the prospect of closeness with your partner and others with some carefully engineered defenses, such as using language to dance around the truth, or perhaps by using other people before they have a chance to use you. If you do retreat into cleverness and mental gymnastics rather than risk expressing your actual emotion, you leave these feelings unexpressed, and continue a process of being out of touch not only with the intimate other, but with the deeper part of yourselves as well. As you discover the true emotions that make the poignant and vital basis of your inner life, you will gain some of the richest rewards this lifetime has to offer. In this journey you have an opportunity to re-connect to your own long buried emotions, and deepen your connection to others as well. As you begin to find yourselves and your power, you may be able to provide a sense of hope to others in their own individual journeys through the increased consciousness you have gained through the journey of this relationship.  

Composite Chiron in Taurus (or the Second House) indicates a relationship that provides an opportunity for you to face deeply held wounds with regard to your ability to attain sustenance and maintain possessions. With this placement of Chiron, physical resources challenge your relationship. One or both of you may have seen everything taken away at one time or another, or you may have risen above challenging circumstances materially, demonstrate a painful attitude toward material well being. Perhaps you must face fears that possessions dominate the life of the relationship. Where others are able to count on their resources and trust that they will have what they need, either materially, or physically, or within their own psyches, you may find yourselves suspicious that what you have will not last. Even if it is more than adequate by some standards, it seems somehow not enough to satisfy you. These feelings may also spill over into deep issues regarding the relationship's core values, or that which defines it in terms of what you both choose to support and give credence to. You may feel at sea in this area, rather than on stable ground, not sure about what you do and don't find attractive. These ambivalent feelings toward material possessions and values may find their roots in early childhood relationships, in which one or both of you perhaps experienced pain getting what you wanted for yourselves, independent of those who had authority over you. Sometimes these issues are so painful that it is easier not to deal with them directly. Getting in touch with these deep and partially repressed feelings is of ultimate importance for the success of the relationship. When you can confront the parts of yourselves and your relationship that are painful and scary, and begin to integrate the feelings that you have buried away, you will become more in charge of your relationship and the course that you each take through life as well.

Composite Jupiter in Leo (6° Leo 44') Composite Jupiter in the Eleventh House  

Jupiter in the composite chart reveals the area of your shared experience where you will find mutual good fortune and faith in positive outcomes.  

Jupiter in the Eleventh House (or sign) emphasizes the socially conscious and scientifically oriented aspects of your relationship. You two work well with groups, and share high-mindedness together and strong humanitarian ideals. Together, you experience growth and expansion through inventive and original activity, and are able to motivate others by your example. Your relationship does well in diplomatic and political realms. In a romantic connection, your sense of friendship with each other makes a firm foundation and you find an easy harmony in the way you choose to spend your free time and discretionary money while together. You are attracted to group endeavors and may enjoy friendships with others outside of the relationship as well as the one within it. As a partnership, you don't value security on a personal level, but tend to focus your joint ideals on the betterment of society, with a value-system that is uniquely your own. Your relationship may have a reputation as being unique, and you certainly value being able to march to the beat of your own drum. As a partnership you are humane and just, and have high principles, but you may envision possibilities too vast to be achieved, and can benefit from cultivating a regular system of reality checks.  

Composite Jupiter in Leo (or the fifth house) magnifies the generosity and vitality within your relationship and brings out your love of pleasure. In this relationship, you grow through the practice of manifesting your dreams. You two like to show off your good side, and have a natural flair and sense of showmanship that carries you far in life. You make an excellent entertaining team. In a romantic relationship, it pays to remain as aware as you can of the effects of egotism on the part of each of you. You may struggle competitively unless you realize the greater power of a more transpersonal approach. You enjoy the limelight as a couple, and do well when you shine out and share your wealth with those around you. As a partnership, you can be extravagant at times. You benefit when you learn to keep track of your resources and to build a strong foundation under your dreams, as these practices are essential to your success. Together, you have a great sense of intuition, and make capable leaders. Your true leadership in social circles may come when you begin to trust your inner guidelines and look outward to see what you can give rather than what you can get.

Sun, Moon, Rising Sign Features

Libra Rising  

The composite Rising Sign is the image that this partnership presents to others and characterizes the nature of the relationship.  

Relationships with composite Libra rising exude a gracious, attractive and unbiased air. You mutually seek harmony and beauty in your surroundings. Libra is the sign of balance and strives for harmony between polarizations. Your relationship brings out in each of you an attitude that the natural mode of living is in relationship with others, which makes this a great placement for a powerful feeling of shared commitment between you. Your ruling planet is Venus, and you are likely known as a partnership for your good taste, elegance and charm. An excellent outlet for your love of beauty is in artistic pursuits of all kinds. In a romantic context, good connections with others outside of your relationship are quite important to you, as are issues of social justice. You function more smoothly when you remember to honor the beauty as well as the practical concerns of your shared living space. You two will go out of your way to avoid a quarrel, but you may have a hard time making concrete decisions together. As a partnership, you excel in shared activity that leads to better and more harmonious connections between people in your sphere of influence. You benefit from strengthening your will to act in favor of your higher purpose, which lies ultimately in dedicating yourself and your partnership to fair-minded support for all of humanity.

Composite Moon in weak opposition (within 8.6 degrees) with Ascendant  

Composite Sun in strong conjunction (exact) with Mercury  

Composite Sun in inconjunct (within 0.8 degrees) with Moon  

Composite Sun in opposition (within 3.8 degrees) with Mars  

Composite Sun in trine (within 5.4 degrees) with Neptune  

Composite Moon in inconjunct (within 0.8 degrees) with Mercury  

Composite Moon in semi-sextile (within 3.0 degrees) with Mars  

Composite Moon in trine (within 6.1 degrees) with Uranus  

Composite Moon in square (within 4.7 degrees) with Neptune  

Composite Venus in strong sextile (within 0.4 degrees) with Chiron  

Composite Venus in sextile (within 2.6 degrees) with Saturn 

Other Natal Planets

Composite N Node in Virgo (20° Vir 11'R) Composite N Node in the Twelfth House  

Lunar North Node in the Twelfth House (or sign). South Node in the sixth house or sign. This placement in a composite chart signifies that within this relationship you each have an emphasis on spiritual rather than worldly concerns. Although the practical matters of everyday life come easily to you, you do not find your true happiness together in the pursuit of mundane affairs, but seek constantly to expand your horizons mentally and spiritually to a larger and more inclusive context. This may be difficult, for the pull of everyday life is very strong in you, and in many ways it is what you do best. In the past, you may have made much of refining your abilities in the practical world, dealing mainly with issues of personal health or of the welfare of others in small but important ways. Now, in this context of this relationship, your focus gradually shifts to a higher plane of activity. The two of you find your purpose not so much in day-to-day routine, but in sacrificing yourself to a higher raison detre, to advancing beyond the material world, perhaps even manifesting a disregard for your own well being. By giving up personal ego-involvement in your actions, you are each learning how to relate to others around you with true compassion. You find yourself going deep within the wellsprings of your partnership to bring forth a renewed understanding of how to serve others, as you seek to become exemplars of a more spiritually based society,  

Composite Lunar North Node in Virgo (or the sixth house). South Node in the twelfth house or sign. This placement in a composite chart indicates that within this relationship one or both of you feels a great desire to be of service to other people. There may be a sense that in the past, this partner remained relatively unfocused, perhaps was dreamy and paid little attention to detail. But this connection commends each of you to the here and now. Rather than drift in cosmic realms, in the context of this relationship your focus must shift to the details of daily life, in a constant effort to improve self, to serve self and other, and to remain alert to the myriad mundane details of life that do not leave much time for otherworldly pursuits. This is a difficult transition to make, but necessary if you are to fulfill your destiny, and to really explore to the depths your reason for being together. Other conditions may arise, such as illness on the part of one of you that will be a test of the other's patience and commitment to service. As you work through these challenges, though, you come closer and closer to an understanding of how dealing with every-day issues really does connect you with the world of Spirit, in a quite different way, still operating at the core of your being.

Other Aspects

Composite Mars in strong sextile (within 1.7 degrees) with Neptune  

Composite Saturn in strong trine (within 2.2 degrees) with Chiron  

Composite Neptune in strong sextile (within 0.9 degrees) with Pluto  

Composite Mercury in opposition (within 3.8 degrees) with Mars  

Composite Mars in square (within 3.1 degrees) with Uranus  

Composite Mars in trine (within 2.6 degrees) with Pluto  

Composite Jupiter in semi-sextile (within 1.5 degrees) with Saturn  

Composite Jupiter in quintile (within 2.0 degrees) with Pluto  

Composite Jupiter in square (within 3.7 degrees) with Chiron  

Composite Uranus in semi-sextile (within 1.4 degrees) with Neptune  

Composite Uranus in semi-sextile (within 0.5 degrees) with Pluto  

Composite Sun in weak square (within 6.8 degrees) with Uranus  

Composite Moon in weak trine (within 11.5 degrees) with Venus  

Composite Moon in weak square (within 8.9 degrees) with Midheaven  

Composite Mercury in weak trine (within 5.4 degrees) with Neptune  

Composite Venus in weak trine (within 5.4 degrees) with Uranus  

Composite Venus in weak square (within 5.9 degrees) with Pluto  

Composite Uranus in weak opposition (within 5.8 degrees) with Chiron