Introduction to the Relationship Astrology of Donald J. & Melania Trump

*Please note, reports are generated in second person.

The composite chart represents the fusion of energy that two people create when they come together. It is a third being. Like a child, it inherits qualities of both parents, though it has a life all its own and exists independently of either of them. The following interpretations should be regarded as being for the relationship itself, taken as an independent entity, as this relates to the meaning for each individual within it.

Chart Patterns

Funnel, focal planet Moon

You have the planetary pattern type called the 'funnel' shape (also known as the 'bucket'). All your planets form a group, with the exception of the focal point, one planet or two planets in conjunction (bucket handle). Your energies tend to be channeled through this focus. You will have abilities in the occupied area of the chart, and goals in the direction of the focal point. The focal planet(s) symbolizes how your energies will be expressed, and where you seek to have your needs met or achieve your purpose.

The placement of the composite Moon defines the core emotional focus of your relationship. It indicates the most sensitive area between you.

The composite Moon in Leo symbolizes a relationship that needs a strong outlet for the creative expression of emotion. Your relationship tends to bring out affectionate and warm qualities in both of you, with a mutual inclination toward the dramatic. It is likely that you two share a good sense of humor, and a basic fondness for people. Regardless of your individual inclination, together you tend to be highly aware of those around you, and those around you are usually very aware of you as well. In a romantic relationship, you make a dramatic couple, with an instantaneous emotional presence when you walk into a room. Because of this, you may find you want to check in with each other from time to time to make sure you are both on the same page with regard to the group situation. You may find you have a joint interest in animals and children, especially your own children. In fact, the relationship may exude a child-like air in itself, and this is part of its charm. You may find that this relationship has, in addition to its dramatic side, a strong desire for security. Together, you are likely to react with enthusiasm to events. It pays when you can be as aware as possible of the urge you each may have to assume yourselves to be an authority, and when you make time to take the energy that you so easily magnetize and give it back to each other and to those around you.

The composite Moon in Sagittarius symbolizes a relationship that provides freedom, adventure and exploration to meet its need for emotional security. Your connection with each other tends to be enthusiastic and uninhibited, and you share an infectious humor that is enjoyable to those around you. Travel and fresh perspectives are a continuing source of enjoyment for the two of you. Together, you may tend to view life through rose colored lenses, seeing the best side of everything. In a romantic relationship, you two are generally happy and fun to be around, though you may have an impatient streak. Regardless of how you operate on your own, you tend to jointly react to situations with action rather than reflection. As a partnership you find that your enthusiasm for the untested and untried carries you a long way. You may need to remain aware and attempt to stay grounded in your approach to situations, tempering your idealism with reality checks as you set out to capitalize on your high aspirations. 

Donald & Melania Trump's Composite Aspects Donald: Jun 14, 1946, 10:54:00 EDT Queens, NY (40N43, 73W52) Melania: Apr 26, 1970, 12:00:00 CET Novo Mesto, Slovenia (45N48, 15E10) 

Composite Mercury in Gemini (15° Gem 35') Composite Mercury in the Tenth House

The Sole Dispositor helps form your core personality, it ultimately rules all the other planets of your chart: Mercury in the composite chart reveals the quality of the communication process in your relationship, and an area of your shared experience where intellectual compatibility is to be found.

Composite Mercury in Capricorn brings out a serious, practical and detached mentality in your relationship. You have good joint concentration and attention to detail, and tend to be determined and careful in your communication with each other and with those around you. In discussion between yourselves, or as a partnership when talking with others, you tend to boil things down and choose the fewest words possible.

This is a real gift in a world of endless words as long as you take care to elaborate once in a while when more words are necessary. Your thought process with each other can also tend to get stuck in a rut at times, and profits from regular updates. Your relationship benefits when you lift your shared vision to the highest level by cultivating idealism and a sense of the possible.

Composite Mercury in Gemini brings a keen, alert and expressive mentality to your relationship. You two have a great versatility together, and have the ability to take up many different skills. You love variety in your shared life. You two constantly perceive the world around you, and relate these perceptions to your previous thinking and to those around you. Your approach to mental pursuits is intellectual, rather than practical, and also may be broad and varied rather than deep and philosophical. This placement is valuable for both personal and professional relationships in this Age of Information. You speak rapidly and well with each other, and enjoy conversation with each other, and also with many different types of people.

You may find that you get restless and anxious with each other from time to time, so that it is beneficial for the relationship when you cultivate periods of inner stillness, either separately or together. It also serves this relationship well to cultivate an awareness of the less obvious but equally powerful nonverbal modes of communication in addition to the verbal mode which comes so naturally to you. 

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Important Features

Composite Sun in Taurus (29° Tau 21' 41") Composite Sun in the Tenth House

The placement of the composite Sun defines the core identity of your relationship, and the place where it finds its greatest vitality. It gives you a sense of the predominant flavor of the relationship.

With the Composite Sun in Capricorn, your relationship centers on activities that are ambitious and practical, and often those requiring a high degree of responsibility as well. Together you are very conscious of social mores. Regardless of how each of you acts separately, when together you understand how to work within the boundaries of society's norms. And also what you jointly start, you finish, and usually on time. You may need to take some pains to avoid any tendency to get stuck in a rut. In a romantic setting, you are a goal-oriented and prestige-aware couple with high standards for your own and others' conduct. You do well to remember that the sensual and playful god Pan stands as the original Capricorn. You win when you work hard, and play hard too. At your highest, you exemplify the values of labor in service to the goals of humanity, and your redemption comes from allowing the social consciousness that you feel to express itself in deeds of kindness to others.

With Composite Sun in Taurus, your relationship centers on a strong practical base and a shared fondness for the pleasures of life. You work best together when focused on practical concerns. There is also likely to be a strong healing component to your shared endeavors and together you may have a reputation for loyalty and kindness. You also may find that the time spent together shapes and clarifies your values. In a romantic context, you two tend to crave the comfort of relaxing in the warmth of a secure, enclosed environment. Your ruling planet is Venus, and you likely focus on pleasure and material things Material rewards seem to come easily to you, and you often find yourselves in the middle of the good life without being excessively concerned about it. This relationship may take a while to get started, but once it has gotten its momentum, it tends to move along in a steady and very secure way. Although you two may seem quiet and almost passive from the outside, you possess a strong sense of joint will, and as a duo can be quite stubborn at times. You benefit when you work to keep your thinking flexible. At its best, your partnership provides a practical, purposeful, productive and stabilizing influence for you and those around you.

Composite Pluto in Virgo (2° Vir 34') Composite Pluto in the First House

Pluto in the composite chart reveals the area of your shared experience where you will encounter your mutual drive for power and which will be transformative for the relationship.

Pluto in the First House (or sign) indicates a relationship with a tremendous drive for self-transformation, and a mutual desire to begin new cycles of evolutionary development together. As a partnership you may seem to possess an instinctual desire to explore all kinds of new directions, and you are likely to experience a strong sense of shared adventure along the way. You may also experience an intensity of connection between you that can lead you deeper into yourselves as you sort things out, and that could also be expressed as a form of struggle for ascendancy, either over your shared environment or over each other. In a romantic involvement, it may help to recognize that the genesis of such competition lies in each of you individually, and you each win when you are able to step back from the arm wrestling and pay attention to what's going on inside yourself. It can also help to pay attention to where the other person is coming from. When you learn how to really listen to each other you can head off the power struggles that can devastate your partnership and others around you. New directions for the relationship can be created with each of you working with rather than against each other. As the will of each of you becomes the will of both, synergistic co-creation can occur. And as you dedicate yourselves and your journey to higher ideals, you have the potential to become a channel for healing yourself and society around you as well.

Composite Pluto in Virgo (or the sixth house) correlates to a relationship where there is a need to sacrifice to the other and to the relationship. As a partnership, you may also experience a strong desire or even a compulsion to be of service to the general good or to others that you encounter. You may find you are working through very deep-seated unconscious dynamics of being truly helpful and available to others. In a romantic relationship, in order to prevent power struggles that inevitably play out within the issues of sharing and service to each other, it is important that you carefully turn the light of consciousness onto the working dynamics of the relationship. In spite perhaps of a culture that does not encourage it, you benefit when you develop an ability to mutually acknowledge the power dynamics at play, and to begin to cultivate a very real and sincere humility, or take the time to access built-up and unresolved emotions within you, and just let it be. It can be very helpful when you become aware of the compulsion to create crisis, and take time out from the relationship in order to practice deeply forgiving each other from this, and possibly other, lifetimes. You may have as a survival instinct for the relationship a mutual desire to bring integrity and expansion into the area of shared service and to confront any limitations within you that prevents this from happening. When you work together for greater individual consciousness in this area, you benefit not only yourselves but also others that you come into contact with, as you move toward a more conscious and freely given act of sharing.

Composite Jupiter in Libra (23° Lib 58'R) Composite Jupiter in the Third House

Jupiter in the composite chart reveals the area of your shared experience where you will find mutual good fortune and faith in positive outcomes.

Jupiter in the Third House (or sign) magnifies the charming, talkative, and clever aspects of your relationship and promotes growth through communication. You tend to move in similar rhythms through your day and enjoy your time together, whether it is scheduled or free time that you share. Although you two may become somewhat scattered in each other's company, you share an inquisitiveness about life and an appetite to learn more and more regarding just about any subject. In a romantic relationship, your penchant for good communication in written or verbal forms brings a great deal of interest to your conversations with each other. You will never tire of things to talk about, and may get into a joint writing project of some kind. Your relationship also grows through travel, intellectual pursuits of all kinds and any sort of effort spent on education. Optimistic and changeable, you two see the value and benefit of many different pursuits, so that it may be wise for you to narrow down and attempt greater focus. You also benefit when you think matters through together before making decisions and learn to keep your own council. When you are operating at your highest level your relationship's tendency toward superficiality and the scattering of your energies becomes the cultivation of depth as well as breadth of awareness and a universal curiosity that leads to higher wisdom.

Composite Jupiter in Libra (or the seventh house) emphasizes the refined and idealistic aspects of your relationship. You two tend to experience the relationship itself as the true source of your shared happiness and this placement is one of the very best for romantic relationships . Together, you work well with other people, and may become known for your fairness. You each grow when you engage in these kinds of activities. You may form the type of partnership that will make a habit of championing both sides of a dispute and making sure that the underdog has his say. You may also be outwardly-directed as a partnership, and concerned with what others might think. Ina romantic relationship, you are likely to find enjoyment everywhere together. Your relationship grows through exploring art and beauty wherever you may find it. You benefit when you develop your shared capacity to stop and smell the flowers and follow your energy to serve each other and the relationship, so that rather than pursuing the socially derived mandate to steam ahead, you allow your focus to be on simply getting your boat down the river.

Composite Saturn in Gemini (17° Gem 33') Composite Saturn in the Tenth House

Saturn in the composite chart reveals the area of your shared experience where you will encounter limitations and build long-lasting success through trials of accomplishment.

Saturn in the Tenth House (or sign) brings out an ambitious and clear-minded quality in your relationship, with a strong sense of shared responsibility. Saturn finds its most natural placement here, and together you tend to be especially persistent, careful and calculating, with a strong capacity for mastery and achievement. In a romantic relationship, you may be so achievement oriented that there is a danger of missing out on the more personal goal of simply relating to each other, perhaps because you are working through subconscious fears that if you don't conquer the world first, then it will conquer you instead. The trick is to balance your mutual need for achievement with just being, with no need for anything beyond the sharing of yourselves with each other. As a partnership you tend to be cautious and rarely take chances. You may have difficulties, limitations or delays in the achievement of your joint goals, but your careful approach usually leads to success in the end. When your relationship is at its best, it can help you move from a personal drive for power in the world into an enlightened process of acting for the betterment of society itself.

Composite Saturn in Gemini (or the third house) brings out in this relationship a deepening and concentrating of your mental powers and your facility with issues of speech and communication. You may jointly feel a sense of limitation in this area. The success of your connection may well depend on how much focus you can muster for your shared communication systems. In a romantic context, you can trigger, and help heal each other, around subconscious fears of intellectual inadequacy and patterns of isolation and loneliness. You benefit when you work to develop your capacity to listen deeply and intently to each other, and to hold space for each other when the situation calls for it. Don't be afraid to write things down. These skills bring increased intimacy to your companionship and shrewdness to your business ventures. As a partnership, you may become adaptable to a variety of roles and professions, or long hours of concentration may produce brilliant scholarly co-creations. Your shared lesson is to learn faith in your mental powers and to cultivate a positive attitude regarding your capacity for mutual understanding.  

Composite Venus in Gemini (27° Gem 01') Composite Venus in the Eleventh House

The placement of Venus in the composite chart reveals the area of your shared emotional focus and love and where mutual enjoyment and benefit lies.

Venus in the Eleventh House (or sign) there is a solid basis of friendship between you and a shared propensity to network with others. Your relationship thrives on mutually agreed upon goals and an appreciation of group activity in support of social agendas that you favor. If you have a common group affiliation it is likely that you shine together in a leadership position within it. In a romantic relationship this propensity that you have for agreement on societal goals adds meaning beyond the emotional connection that you share with each other, or may also become a distraction from it. At least you always have a solid understanding of where the other partner is coming from. As a partnership you excel in areas of group interaction and future orientation, with a scientifically detached outlook and a genial humanism that colors your approach. You may be just the ones, acting in concert, to bring much-needed ideas to collective concerns or to press for the integration of society into a more unified whole.

Composite Venus in Gemini (or the third house) indicates a relationship where discourse is valued between you. You appreciate written and spoken communication, both between you and with others in your circle, as well as the literary arts. Whatever your age, you also may jointly reflect a lively curiosity of the world around you that is the best part of being young. In a romantic relationship, you take delight in conversation together. You appreciate each other's intellect, and find that a significant part of the appeal for each of you. You tend to look on the bright side, and you probably like to laugh with each other, which is obviously an important component of any long term relationship. As a partnership, you are interested in the pursuits of mental recreation, including computer graphics, puzzles, and the written word. Your good communication with each other to ensure that you will at least try to get the best out of every situation that you find yourselves in.

Composite Neptune in Scorpio (3° Sco 00'R) Composite Neptune in the Third House

Neptune in the composite chart reveals the area of your shared experience where you will encounter idealization and nebulous spiritual feelings that will lead you to self-discovery.

Neptune in the Third House (or sign) brings out a clever and subtle charm in your communication with each other, with also the possibility of misunderstandings between you. This placement can bring indecision to your communication process with each other, and an idealism of the latent potential for connection between you that does not always find its realization. There may be misapplied models of understanding that cause some degree of deception in the information that you receive from each other, either intentionally or due to unconscious behavior on the part of one or both of you. On the up side, your broad-mindedness and creative mentality together may make up for the potential difficulties. In a romantic relationship, you two tend to be witty and poetic together, with a love of dreaming that ranks just above your love of learning. There is a possibility that verbal interaction may lead to some confusion, no matter how hard you work to clearly express yourselves. You benefit from developing your capacity to communicate together non-verbally, through touch or dance. If you take the time to focus your joint creative potential you might find yourselves channeling mystical wisdom that comes from beyond and serves you better than the mundane information that is routinely available.

Composite Neptune in Scorpio (or the eight house) brings out great personal and spiritual magnetism in each of you as a result of your association. You share a subtle intuition and an unusually clear ability to see into each other's depths, although there may also be a tendency to see each other somewhat through rose-colored glasses. Shared finances may also be subject to a form of idealism or even illusion. You may become more interested in otherworldly affairs, such as psychic matters or occult studies, than the everyday , or find that you share a love of sensuality and luxury together. With this relationship also, you may experience confusion over the power and/or sexual dynamics that come up between you. It may benefit you to put some extra attention into thinking and feeling through these sensitive issues . A process of spiritual transformation may take place in each of you as the relationship matures. You benefit from applying greater clarity to your shared values and to your intimate connection.

Composite Mars in Cancer (16° Can 01') Composite Mars in the Eleventh House

The placement of Mars in the composite chart reveals the area of your shared activity in pursuit of partnership goals, and where ego needs may be identified.

Mars in the Eleventh House (or sign) brings out an idealistic, socially oriented and multidimensional drive in your relationship. This placement can take out the rough edges that each of you may individually harbor and bring you together in a way that benefits both the partnership and the greater world that surrounds you. You two tend to co-create in an enterprising and ambitious way and make classic teammates working together toward socially life-enhancing goals. In a romantic relationship, you may need to become aware of the way you direct your shared activity, giving priority time to your personal issues as well as planetary goals, so that your partnership rests on a sturdy foundation. You are likely to be friends as well as lovers, which enhances your bond with each other although it may dim your passion. Together you easily tolerate each other's differences and support each other's goals so that in the best of your connection with each other, you move to the clear beat of the same drummer.

Composite Mars in Cancer (or the fourth house) brings out a sensitive, sensuous and emotional drive between you. You have a strong mutual energy for creating a shared environment, or possibly for real estate investment together, but it might be hard to see your partner's point of view. You have a family-like concern for each other, but may not have the best sense of where to put your energy to create a mutual advantage or it may be difficult to get clear on priorities. In a romantic connection, family will be important, and the work of home-making. You will also likely spend a lot of your shared energy within the safety and privacy of your own space. You can appear timid with each other, but you both are actually quite strong and may be surprisingly determined when you act from an instinctual level rather than from your conscious will. Tension can arise between you if security needs are not being met, or if you disagree over family matters or turf issues. Your relationship benefits when you consciously find common ground and find ways to regularly let off steam. You also benefit from relaxing more and from diverting your inwardly turned energies outwardly toward the world around you.

Composite Uranus in Leo (11° Leo 43') Composite Uranus in the Twelfth House

Uranus in the composite chart reveals the area of your shared experience where you will encounter unusual and unexpected circumstances and where the relationship benefits from lack of structure.

Uranus in the Twelfth House (or sign) gives an understanding and helpful quality to your relationship, although perhaps with the potential to react to each other and the world in an impulsive, and at times confused, way. With this placement, there are powerful undercurrents of emotional connection between you that do not always find their way to the surface. You have as a partnership a tremendous compassion and sensitivity to the plight of others, and you are dedicated to the service of humanity, or at least social ideals will strongly affect the expression of your activity. You may also have a shared interest in mysticism or the occult. In a romantic relationship, you may find that you are somewhat out of touch with important emotions, especially during times of stress. Although you have a strong psychic link with each other, you may find that you cannot always be sure of your own feelings or your partner's and you benefit from bringing greater clarity to your emotional process with each other. A slow and steady and consistent exploration of your feelings works wonders, instead of keeping quiet regarding an assessment and then bursting out with it. You may also feel some confinement or restriction together in your freedom to be who you want to be. Inner goals may be more important for you than you acknowledge. Together, you may have a need to confront the past in order to outgrow its effects on your own life, and will likely have the good fortune of being forced to transform these unconscious patterns. As you get more conscious about what is really driving each of you at a deeper level, you will develop an improved capacity to bring the gifts of this sensitive placement to bear on each other and on the world around you.

Composite Uranus in Leo (or the fifth house) signifies an original quality to your relationship's creative expression in the world. It also brings out a determined, independent, impulsive nature in both of you, which may appear even in the very way you two came together. In a romantic context, you two may be unconventional in the way you express your sense of play and your sexuality. Children are likely to be a source of great interest but you may have difficulties in giving them steady warmth and affection. You can be very creative together, especially in the arts. You are fortunate in being able to support each other in the exploration and development of your individual talents. This placement supports innovation at the cost of stability, but stability may be overrated when things are this interesting. In any case, your relationship benefits from developing follow-through, focus and self-discipline in order to successfully complete what gets inspired at the start.

Composite Chiron in Capricorn (11° Cap 28') Composite Chiron in the Fifth House

Chiron in the composite chart reveals the area of your shared experience where you will encounter patterns of wounds and deep connection and where eventual healing and empathy will occur.

Chiron in the Fifth House (or sign) indicates a relationship that provides an opportunity for you to face deeply held wounds with regard to your vital force and expressing yourselves in a magnetic way. With this placement, one or both of you may have experienced pain around your sense of who you are and how you express your individual self-hood, both within the relationship and out in the world. This relationship will be an important factor in your on-going exploration of these issues within yourself, and a trigger for future healing. One or both of you likely have a deep desire to share your unique sensibility with others and move them or enlighten them in some way. Yet you may find yourselves thwarted in your attempts to shine, perhaps because of painful experiences in your formative relationships in which you were put down or made to feel insecure. These experiences may cause you to be wary of actually coming out with who you really are. You may feel a strong desire to be your own unique and independent self, fully in touch with your inner being, but fail in the actual event. You may even have experienced radical blockages, such as accidents or other "acts of God" that have prevented you from achieving your full creative potential. You will continue to have painful experiences as long as these issues and their deep-seated emotions remain unconscious within your psyche. You may feel a need to help others in achieving their goals, rather than yourself. You may even make a career of helping others in this way, leading them toward the path that you might have taken yourself. This is valid as long as it comes from a place free of resentment and unfulfilled promises. It is important to try to become conscious of all your inner dynamics as you explore your life's path. Then you can shine out as a beacon for others, and achieve dramatic results in your own life in ways you would never have dreamed possible.

Composite Chiron in Capricorn (or the Tenth House) indicates a relationship that provides an opportunity to face and heal deeply held wounds regarding your vital force to act with authority and make a responsible contribution to society. In this relationship, you may find yourself somewhat rebellious of authority, while compulsively drawn to it at the same time. You may begin to be aware of experiences in your life where you had to knuckle under against your will or, conversely, where felt you had to over-exert your authority with others in a way that left them feeling oppressed. Perhaps the compulsion to be in authority that you are feeling in this relationship arose in your childhood, from a time when you were too forcefully controlled. Everyone has a basic need to be in control, and if we develop a distrust of authority as a result of early experiences, we tend to strike first rather than wait to be pushed around. These unconscious patterns can also manifest in the relationship as a penchant to achieve, only to feel ambivalent about subsequent success. This relationship may mirror ways that you felt pushed to success by the important parental figures of your childhood, without getting a chance to find your own true destiny. You may experience low self-esteem, seeking notoriety as a way of making up for feelings of worthlessness that live somewhere below your conscious level of reasoning. In order to avoid these traps, it is good to take advantage of this relationship to get in conscious touch with your hidden feelings, and bring them into the light to explore them in detail. Once you have begun this process, it will continue as a natural part of your shared growth, allowing you both to wield a more conscious and integrated form of personal power as you move through the world together. 

Sun, Moon, Rising Sign Features

Leo Rising

The composite Rising Sign is the image that this partnership presents to others and characterizes the nature of the relationship.

With Leo rising in your composite chart, your relationship tends to orient itself toward leadership and creativity. You may find that you display a marked dramatic flair when you are with each other. Together you are likely to be extroverted and assertive, perhaps more so than when you operate on your own behalf. Your ruling planet is the Sun, and the two of you are likely to demonstrate confidence as a partnership, along with great energy, courage and honesty. Your relationship also tends to bring out the integrity of each partner and may catapult you into positions as leaders within your circle. You might only need to beware of a tendency toward self-indulgence. In a romantic relationship, you two expect to be the center of attention, and often are. People may find your self-promotion excessive but will also likely forgive you for your excesses. You are both charming and charmed when you are together, and exhibit great warmth, and a sense of play with each other that can be an important factor in keeping the spark alive. You are also quite determined as a partnership and usually get your way when you really want to. Your challenge is to transform any tendency toward arrogance or egotism in the direction of greater humility and compassion, and to learn detachment in the gift of your affections.

Composite Jupiter in strong sextile (within 0.1 degrees) with Ascendant Composite Sun in square (within 5.3 degrees) with Ascendant Composite Moon in trine (within 4.6 degrees) with Ascendant Composite Venus in sextile (within 3.0 degrees) with Ascendant Composite Sun in strong square (within 3.2 degrees) with Pluto Composite Sun in inconjunct (within 0.7 degrees) with Moon Composite Sun in semi-sextile (within 2.4 degrees) with Venus Composite Sun in quintile (within 0.4 degrees) with Uranus Composite Moon in strong opposition (within 1.7 degrees) with Venus Composite Moon in sextile (within 4.7 degrees) with Jupiter Composite Moon in sextile (within 4.3 degrees) with Neptune Composite Moon in trine (within 3.9 degrees) with Pluto  

Other Natal Planets

Composite N Node in Taurus (0° Tau 29') Composite N Node in the Ninth House  

Lunar North Node in the Ninth House (or sign). South Node in the third house or sign. This placement in a composite chart signifies that within this relationship each of you will likely focus on some aspect of higher mind activity, teaching or learning or perhaps travel that enhances your understanding of moral or ethical belief systems. You may have tended to scatter your energies in the past, as you concentrated on a variety of superficial connections within the everyday world. Although curiosity regarding details and enjoyment of a multiplicity of points of view comes naturally to you, you must now learn to see the forest instead of the trees. Now in the context of this relationship, your purpose seems to be to lift your attention toward a synthesis of higher consciousness. Together you will find great joy in pursuing the broader picture, whether in terms of educational perspectives or perhaps participation in cultures other than your own. One important emphasis in this partnership will be the pursuit of higher knowledge and a deeper understanding of the motivations of others that was meant by the phrase "to understand all is to forgive all." A true philosophy of compassion, for yourselves and for each other, is your goal.

Composite Lunar North Node in Taurus (or the second house). South Node in the eighth house or sign. This placement in a composite chart signifies that within this relationship you each are somewhat focused around the issues of money and material possessions. In a previous period, or past lifetime, you were concerned with the utilization of other people's resources rather than your own. You also may have gotten involved with occult practices, or engaged in deep and even taboo relations with others, factors that shaped your past, and the residue of which still colors your present life experience. Now, in this lifetime, and in the context of this relationship, you must learn to marshall your own forces and be a resource unto yourself. You are in the process of clarifying your values, based on a new feeling of independence, having come through the fires of hell, as it were, in order to establish a more stable and lasting sense of your own self-worth.

Other Aspects

Composite Mercury in strong conjunction (within 2.0 degrees) with Saturn Composite Mars in strong sextile (within 0.6 degrees) with Midheaven Composite Neptune in strong sextile (within 0.5 degrees) with Pluto Composite Mercury in semi-sextile (within 0.4 degrees) with Mars Composite Mercury in sextile (within 3.9 degrees) with Uranus Composite Mercury in semi-sextile (within 0.2 degrees) with Midheaven Composite Venus in trine (within 3.1 degrees) with Jupiter Composite Mars in semi-sextile (within 1.5 degrees) with Saturn Composite Jupiter in quintile (within 0.2 degrees) with Uranus Composite Saturn in semi-sextile (within 2.1 degrees) with Midheaven Composite Uranus in inconjunct (within 0.3 degrees) with Chiron Composite Uranus in square (within 3.7 degrees) with Midheaven Composite Chiron in trine (within 4.0 degrees) with Midheaven Composite Moon in weak opposition (within 11.1 degrees) with Saturn Composite Venus in weak trine (within 6.0 degrees) with Neptune Composite Mars in weak opposition (within 4.6 degrees) with Chiron Composite Jupiter in weak trine (within 6.4 degrees) with Saturn